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Turkey has so much to offer its visitors; with breathtaking natural beauty, unique historical and archaeological sites. As well as a unique variety of culture, art and food.

Turkey has recently become one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations. Due to Turkey’s diverse geography, one can experience four different climates in a day. Turkey is surrounded on three sides by three different seas. Its shores are lined with beaches, bays, coves, ports, islands and peninsulas. The summers are long and they last eight months in some areas. Turkey is also blessed with majestic mountains and valleys, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and grottoes, perfect for winter and summer tourism.

Adventure travellers can enjoy an unforgettable experience in Turkey. Turkey’s new niche on Health tourism has recently attracted visitors to Turkey. The country is rich with hot springs, healing waters and healing muds, which are highly recommended by medical professionals as a remedy for many diseases.

Many places in Turkey are UNESCO World Heritage sites. They include: Great Mosque and Hospital of Divrigi, Archaeological Site of Troy, Hierapolis-Pamukkale, Goreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia.

History & Culture are alive in Stunning Turkey with Millenium Travel

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Turkey Testimonials

 Turkey Tour 2013 Testimonials

Is Turkey on your travel bucket list?  If so, we invite you to view a beautiful photo slide show by Noshir Mody.  Noshir and Shernaz were our guests at the 2013 Millenium Turkey tour and he captured some lovely pictures for us all to enjoy.  To view the photos please click on the link   http://sanzacs.smugmug.com/Turkey-2013  and enter the password: Turkey2013

My Dearest Nilufer and Danny, It was absolutely wonderful meeting you both and the entire Turkey group. What a wonderful trip!!! What wonderful People!!! I would like to thank you Nilufer for the BEST holiday I have ever done, even though it was a short one.  Like I mentioned earlier to you Sarosh and I have travelled to different places for 30 years of our married lives we have done such holidays but none have been so nice as this!!!! It was a most memorable experience for us and I am sure all who participated feel the same. The arrangements and the personal touch met all my expectations and we loved every moment.  Hotels were excellent, food was great and the company was PERFECT.  You took care of everything. You gave yourself to us like no tour operator has ever done. You even went and surveyed the restaurants in Istanbul to make it easy for us to choose!!!!! WOW!!!! Hats off. Please pass my message on to all in our group. Thank you from both of us and we hope to do more trips with you and shall remember you all always. - Best wishes, - Navaz and Sarosh Bharucha (Bombay. India)

Dearest Nil & Danny, Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday & for showing us Turkey.  We had a great time and enjoyed every minute. All your arrangements were superb and we were thrilled to be a part of this Tour.  Congratulations for a job well done! We are so proud of you both. - Mitzie & Khurshed Birdie (New York. USA)

My Dear Nilufer, Shernaz and I thank you for 16 glorious days in Turkey.  We enjoyed the entire trip thanks to the hard work of you and your team.  It was well organized and we were fortunate to have Baha and Khadir with us.  Baha is obviously very passionate about his job and his country.  Turkey is an amazing country, people don't realize how much effort is required to keep 40 people happy.  Your passion was also very evident throughout the tour and we were delighted to be part of the 2013 Millenium Turkey Tour.  We met and got to know some wonderful people.  You went above and beyond to take care of all of us.  Thanks also for organizing events on the "free days".   We saw an amazing country and those memories will last for ever.  Again, thanks for taking such good care of us. -Shernaz and Noshir Mody (Oakville, Ontario)

Our Dear Nilufer and Danny,Thanks a million for giving us such a good time. It was a pleasure meeting different people and having such a wonderful time. My sincere thanks to you both dear ones. -Freny Pavri (Mississauga, Ontario)

Dear Nilufer & Danny,We would like to say a sincere "Thank you" to you both for making our Turkey tour memorable.  We feel very fortunate to have travelled with old and new friends and you put the most amazing travel experience together for us.  We look forward to travelling with you in the future. -Farokh & Mharukh Hira (Mississauga, Ontario)  

Thank you Nil and Dan for your hard work and dedication on making this wonderful trip to Turkey so great.  Meher and I were happy to experience this beautiful country with oldfriends and we also made some new ones. -Meher & Zenia Khursigara (Mississauga, Ontario)

Dear Nilufer & Danny,Hosheder and I wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for making our trip to Turkey a wonderful and a unique experience!  From the time the group met in Istanbul till we said our goodbyes to each other, the trip went off flawless!  Everything was handled very professionally and we had a seamless transition from one location to another. We were like one big “happy family” where everybody was enjoying themselves and taking care of each other.  Above all, the personal touch and TLC you and Danny showed to each and every one of us was what made it so special.   We have told all our friends about this exceptionally enjoyable trip to Turkey.  Both Hosheder and I plan to be with you on your future trips.Best wishes. - Shiraz & Hosheder Minwalla (Silver Springs, Maryland)

Dear Nilufer, Thanks for arranging a wonderful tour and taking such good care of us.  I am so glad I could be part of this enlightening trip and thoroughly enjoyed the holiday as well as the company of a great bunch of people - made lots of new friends and renewed old friendships.  So, many thanks, once again, to you as well as Danny for making it a memorable holiday. Best, - Mahrukh Soparivala  (North York, Ontario)  

Thank you soooooo much Nilufer and Danny!!!! You went above and beyond any call of duty and we are truly grateful.  Farhad and I had an amazing time.  As beautiful as Turkey was, we could not have imagined nor could have asked for a better group of people to share this wonderful experience with.Thank you all! -Parveen & Farhad Khursigara (Mississauga, Ontario)

Dear Nilufer and Danny, I had a wonderful time and yes the trip exceeded my expectations.  Turkey is a wonderful country from the cities of today to the great remains of the past.  They have done a terrific job of preserving their heritage for the world to experience.  My only regret is that my Sandra could not be with us on this great adventure. Your excellent planning, responsiveness and patience in dealing with such a large and fractious group was amazing.  The fact that all of the group are old friends as well as "clients" probably made your job that much more difficult.   You guys pulled it off with flying colors. Bravo.  Baha, Kadir and the whole of the Turkish organisation did a superb job, going above and beyond what could be expected.  Baha's depth of knowledge and enthusiasm deserve special mention.  He really worked hard to inform and hold the interest of all the group members.  Will try to sort out my pictures and put them on some media such as Picasa so all can view and access them.  Once again thanks for a memorable trip.  I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.- Dhunji Master (Atkinson, New Hampshire)

Dearest Nilufer and Danny, Darayus and I would like to “Thank You” for making our tour of Turkey an absolutely wonderful experience for us, we can only imagine all the work and time that must have gone in to making this tour the success that it was, coordinating and organizing a tour for a group as big as ours is a feat in itself !  You and Danny made every effort to ensure that we were well looked after and our requirements were met and you managed it so graciously – kudos to both of you.   Darayus and I feel very fortunate to have toured with such a fantastic group of people, we definitely have tons of wonderful memories, starting with the fun times during our cocktail hour!   We will definitely recommend to our family and friends that if they wish to travel to Turkey the best way to see this beautiful country rich in culture and history is to do so with Millenium Tours! We look forward to our next adventure together. - Kemul and Darayus Divecha (Unionville, Ontario)

Nilufer, you know that I have travelled a fair bit, first mostly on our own and lately in a tour or semi organized groups with friends and family.  But what you arranged for such a large of group, who knew each other, was absolutely excellent.  Taking all things into consideration, there was not one thing that you had not given your detailed attention.  You are a people person and that showed very clearly and having Danny was of course a great help to you and for us entertainer and teaser giving us (old) ladies a helping hand whenever we needed it.  Both of you together are a great pair and gave us all a wonderful holiday.  For me this was at times very sad and emotional - I wish Uwe could have been with us - besides travelling with so many parsis he would have enjoyed it tremendously.  Whoever I have spoken to about the trip - know that I had a great time and it was a wonderful trip.  Once I know what tours you are doing next year, I am pretty sure I will join one of them (health permitting).  Nilu I wish you great success on all your future plans and aspirations. Thank you very much, thank you, thank you. -Thrity Pfuetzner (Mississauga, Ontario)

Dearest Nilufer and Danny: First of all let me thank you for the lovely trip you planned for us.  My hats off to both of you for so much hard work you put into making this trip a very memorable one.  Planning was superb. We had a lovely group of people and it was so nice to connect with old school friends after a long time.  Hope your next trip to South America goes well. Zarine Ranji (Clarksburg, Maryland)

Dear Nilufer and Danny, Many thanks for a wonderful and truly lovely experience.  We had a great time and met some very nice people and reconnected with some old friends.  Both you and Danny went over and beyond your call of duty and we will cherish this trip for ever. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts and hopefully join you in the future tours as well. - Mehroze and Behrooz Mistry (Mississauga, Ontario)

The splendours of Turkey we saw them all. Cruises, Mud baths, Hot Air Balloons, Churches, Palaces, Markets and Tombs.  Kadir our driver was such a boon. Baha our guide led all the way explaining with humour and gusto the history all day. Together we all walked many miles. Nilufer & Danny you nurtured us with smiles, Friendships were forged, as we shopped a bit. Nilufer and Danny your tour was a HIT!!!! - Bettty Madan (North York, Ontario)

Hi Nilufer and Danny, We had a wonderful time in Turkey and will cherish the memories always. You did an amazing job of attending to everyone's needs and your hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed. At this rate having tour buses in future with “Millenium Tours” written across, as you once mentioned you would like to see, seems like a distinct possibility.  We saw, ate and laughed a lot...that's what fun vacations should be. Thank you. I will definitely speak very highly to anyone who is planning future travels. - Vera and Kersi Mistry (Mississauga, Ontario)

Hi Nilufer, Danny and the Turkey Tour Group 2013, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Nilufer, Danny, and ALL of us who participated in this gorgeous "Tour of Turkey 2013".  It was a most memorable experience for me and I hope you all have felt the same. I believe, we all enjoyed the company of our companions, plus we all took care of each other and looked out for each other in subtle ways. I felt very comfortable in your company knowing there were eyes looking out for the crazy parsis in their yellow hats. Nilufer, what a fantastic idea.  Distinctive yellow color.   The whole 14 days for me were magical, going back in time to years BC and seeing the ruins of the various centuries before us, the museum in Antalya, the bus ride, gorgeous scenery, etc. I could go on for a while.  And Holy Mary's last known residence was very emotional to me. When I told my daughter that how many people you will meet in your lifetime that can say that they have been to the Home of Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, she was so touched that she had to rub my hands so that she could say I have touched somebody who was at Virgin Mary's home.  Nilufer and Danny, a perfect Tour, met and exceeded all my expectations. I loved every moment. Great accommodations, very good bus, awesome Tour Guide Baha (I think we all got lucky getting Baha, with his extensive knowledge) and charming bus driver Kadir and a fantastic driver, cautious, smooth and skillful. I am looking forward to our next adventure together. Thank You ALL from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you ALL and enjoy every day to its fullest. Take care, - Minoo Mama (Danville, California) 

Dear Nilufer and Danny, Loved the this trip as much as the first one to Turkey last year, and the bonus was that so many of our close friends were with us this time. And of course you made it even more wonderful with your care and fun times with Danny. This trip will be remembered for a very long time. God willing we will have more tours together like this one.  I made some new friends and had lots of laughs! Thank you for including me the second time I really appreciated it. Best wishes, -Farida Khursigara (Mississauga, Ontario)

Turkey Tour 2012

Dear Nilufer & Danny, First of all, thanks once again for a simply super tour of Turkey!  The itinerary was great, many of the sights and experiences unforgettable, the hotels comfortable, the group compatible and good natured, and the group "synergy" excellent.  Above all, the care and attention you and Danny showed to each and every one of us was what made it so special.... Micki Katgara 2012 (Toronto, Ontario)

Our time with you was very special.  Nilufer, you have arranged this trip to Turkey with a lot of thoughtful considerations for your clients who accompanied you.  You were so thoughtful to think of others the way you do, knowing exactly what people want or need.  We are extremely grateful for your and Danny’s concern and patience. We have told all our friends  about this exceptionally enjoyable trip to Turkey.   Adi and Renate Dastur (Toronto, Ontario) Oct 2012

We are back in the grind of things at home and work, except for some minor disruptions by Sandy - but the memories of our trip together linger pleasantly. We had a great time meeting everyone and seeing things through our collective vision - we have traveled a lot and I can safely say that the trip would not have been the same without your tireless sheperding and care throughout, Nilufer. You went WAY beyond in your attention to detail and to our group's comfort. We can't thank you enough. We will definitely do another trip with you soon. Mendoza wine country anyone??  PS: The "welcome back" card was priceless! Phi & Satish Modi (Newburgh, New York)  Oct 2012

Our sincere thanks and compliments to you both on a very well organized trip to Turkey.  Both Phiroze and I were extremely impressed with your travel expertise and the personal care and attention you gave us was the cherry on the cake.  Its easy for travel agencies to organize a trip, but no one can match the genuine love and affection you gave us. We are still a bit jet lagged, but extremely happy that we came with you and saw Turkey through the best travel experts.  We are praising you to all our friends and hopefully you'll get more customers in the years to come.  May God bless you and your family and wish you good health, success and happiness.  All the best  Dinaz and Phiroze Dotiwalla (North York, Ontario)  Oct 2012

Millenium Travel was outstanding in planning our family trip to Turkey. We provided them with a wish list and they surpassed our expectations by anticipating our every need.  The planning and execution of the itinerary was effortless which allowed for a completely stress-free holiday. The tour guides, hotel selections, and transport arrangements were exceptional. This company excels in their flexibility and quality of service provided and we will definitely use them again.  The Lobos-(New Jersey, USA)