South America


See beyond salsa, sombreros and tequila in signature South America with Millenium Travel

See beyond salsa, sombreros and tequila in signature South America with Millenium Travel

See beyond salsa, sombreros and tequila. South America has a sense of something different for every kind of traveler. This captivating continent has many wonders, which remain undiscovered.  South America is a collage of stunning landscapes such as the Andes mountains, the Amazon river, treacherous jungles, surreal deserts and spectacular mountain ranges. It’s spirit is infectious and no matter where you go the fierce Latin Passion will sweep you away.

 South America Tour 2015 Testimonials

By Kaika Clubwala (New York, USA)

 South America Tour 2013 Testimonials


DhunMai and Phiroze Dalal (from Los Angeles) joined our South America adventure in October 2013.  This beautifully crafted piece written by DhunMai describes the tour and its highlights as experienced by them.  You will want to join our next South America tour after reading this. View this testimonial. - Dhunmai & Phiroze Dalal (Los Angeles, California)

Hi Nilu, What a super duper South American holiday. Under your fantastic leadership as a Tour leader, all of us had the most delightful & enjoyable time. The tour was very thoughtfully organized. All minute details were taken care of for us to have a good time. Sight & sounds ......Flora & Fauna .....were beautiful & gorgeous.  The hotels were very comfortable & the locations were great in all the Cities.  The food was delicious & plenty in all the different cities.  Our group was like one family......supportive/ understanding of each other & full of fun.  Many thanks for making my South American dream happen. Could not have done it without your caring / loving & generous self.   Absolutely loved every aspect of it. Could not have been any better. May you continue to conduct these wonderful tours. - Armaity Kanga (North York, Ontario) 

Thank you, Nilufer for an amazing trip to South America.  As you know we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves because you made it happen.  Your constant care and attention to every detail made this trip more special and we really became a close knit family travelling together.  We all have fond memories which were captured on all our cameras and when the dust settles, I will work on trying to make a DVD just like I did for Turkey. Hope you were able to get some well-deserved rest on the weekend. - Dinaz and Phiroze Dotiwalla (North York, Ontario)

What a beautiful tour of South America!  We all felt we were more like a family travelling together...the small size of our group helped to enhance that feeling and it helped us all to get to know each other better. It goes without saying that Nilufer more than lived up to our expectations as our tour leader and didn't miss a beat throughout the 18 days. We have travelled a fair bit over the past several years and can say without hesitation that Nilufer's concern for our comfort and her attention to every detail made the tour most enjoyable and memorable. We will surely join future Millenium tours after this wonderful experience. - Kunal and Chitra Shah (Markham, Ontario)